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Piano Winners 2023

Category A1

1st PrizeMariko Nakano (Japan) PianoCategory A1
1st PrizeJieun Kim (South of Korea) PianoCategory A1
2nd PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory A1
3rd Prize Nicolas Giacalone (United States) PianoCategory A1
3rd Prize Sara Amoresano (Italia) PianoCategory A1
4th Prize Mengyi Xu (China) PianoCategory A1
4th Prize Xinrui Huang (China) PianoCategory A1
Special MentionChun-Syuan Wei (Taiwan) PianoCategory A1
Special MentionVi Tin La (Vietnam) PianoCategory A1
Honorable Mention Andrew Howard Peters (United States) PianoCategory A1
Honorable Mention Muhammad Fasbi Baharudin Yusuf (Indonesia) PianoCategory A1

Category A2

1st PrizeMichele Taraborrelli (Italy) PianoCategory A2
1st PrizeYuda Jiang (China) PianoCategory A2
2nd PrizeMomiji Kohno (Japan) PianoCategory A2
3rd Prize Li-Yun Hsu (Taiwan) PianoCategory A2
3rd Prize Da Kyeong Cho (South Korea) PianoCategory A2
4th Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory A2
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory A2
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory A2

Category A3

1st PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory A3 
2nd PrizeXinao Hou (China) PianoCategory A3 
3rd Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory A3 
4th Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory A3 
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory A3 
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory A3 

Category B1

1st PrizeKonami Isoda (Japan) PianoCategory B1
2nd PrizeValeria Burba (Italy) PianoCategory B1
3rd Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory B1
4th Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory B1
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory B1
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory B1

Category B2

1st PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory B2
2nd PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory B2
3rd Prize Yeajin Ryu (South Korea) PianoCategory B2
4th Prize Jui-Chieh, Hsu (Taiwan) PianoCategory B2
4th Prize Yi-Han Chen (Taiwan) PianoCategory B2
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory B2
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory B2

Category B3

1st PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory B3
2nd PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory B3
3rd Prize Jason Chen (United States) PianoCategory B3
3rd Prize Pin-Fan Chen (Taiwan) PianoCategory B3
4th Prize Courtney Tam (United States) PianoCategory B3
4th Prize Jer-Shyan Chang (United States) PianoCategory B3
Special MentionYang , Pei -Jung (Taiwan) PianoCategory B3
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory B3

Category C1

1st PrizeTzu-Chieh Huang (Taiwan) PianoCategory C1
1st PrizeYou-Yun Chen (Taiwan) PianoCategory C1
2nd PrizeDaniel Wang (United States) PianoCategory C1
2nd PrizeOwen YuTong Wu (United States) PianoCategory C1
2nd PrizeYu-Chieh Chang (Taiwan) PianoCategory C1
3rd Prize Daniel Strebulaev (United States) PianoCategory C1
3rd Prize Narek Kassar  (Armenia) PianoCategory C1
4th Prize Nino Razmadze (United States) PianoCategory C1
Special MentionMeera Ravishankar (United States) PianoCategory C1
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory C1

Category C2

1st PrizeSymphony Dashun Shi (Australia) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeChau Mei Lok (Hong Kong) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeDaniel Meono Leiton (Costa Rica) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeEmma Xinyi Li (United States) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeLucy Wang (United States) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeMatthew Zhu (United States) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeMahault Ska (Belgique) PianoCategory C2
2nd PrizeMeixi Li (China) PianoCategory C2
3rd Prize Ahmed Nader Sayedabdulla Sayedsheber Al Hashemi (United Arab of Emirates) PianoCategory C2
3rd Prize Jora Tudor Matei (Romania) PianoCategory C2
3rd Prize Marcus Kaizen Huang (United States) PianoCategory C2
3rd Prize Mia Song (United States) PianoCategory C2
4th Prize Ching-Ciao, Chang (Taiwan) PianoCategory C2
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory C2
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory C2

Category C3

1st PrizeElla Gabrielle Gaw (Philippines) PianoCategory C3
1st PrizePrapada Chieosawang (Thailand) PianoCategory C3
2nd PrizeBrian Wu (United States) PianoCategory C3
2nd PrizeWu Hsueh-Yen (Taiwan) PianoCategory C3
2nd PrizeQuanxi Wang (China) PianoCategory C3
3rd Prize Eleanor Elbakidze (United States) PianoCategory C3
3rd Prize Riya Zinn (United States) PianoCategory C3
4th Prize Romeo Xavier Hervás Ramos (Spain) PianoCategory C3
4th Prize Elif Naz Ertugrul (Turkey) PianoCategory C3
Special MentionMaximillian Alexander Zabolotskii (United States) PianoCategory C3
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory C3

Category D1

1st PrizeLéanore Gillet (Australia) PianoCategory D1
1st PrizeKanon Kumamoto (Japan) PianoCategory D1
2nd PrizeDeedeh Rouhani (United Kingdom) PianoCategory D1
3rd Prize Walker Lin (United States) PianoCategory D1
3rd Prize Evan Wu (United States) PianoCategory D1
3rd Prize Marcus Nishijima (United States) PianoCategory D1
4th Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory D1
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory D1
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory D1

Category D2

1st PrizeIrene Gao (United States) PianoCategory D2
2nd PrizeEileen Hanyu Zhang (Germany) PianoCategory D2
2nd PrizeHaidee Yuan (United States) PianoCategory D2
2nd PrizeYiyi Cao (Switzerland) PianoCategory D2
2nd PrizeAnnabelle Garcia (United States) PianoCategory D2
3rd Prize Ekkapong Srikhuekul (Thailand) PianoCategory D2
3rd Prize Justin J. Ding (United States) PianoCategory D2
3rd Prize Wyatt Lin (United States) PianoCategory D2
3rd Prize Anghel Teodora (Romania) PianoCategory D2
4th Prize Evan Miliani (Italy) PianoCategory D2
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory D2
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory D2

Category D3

1st PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory D3
2nd PrizeNot AwardedPianoCategory D3
3rd Prize Jovienne Jiuyu Lu (Singapore) PianoCategory D3
3rd Prize Maria Nicole Bresciani (Italy) PianoCategory D3
4th Prize Not AwardedPianoCategory D3
Special MentionNot AwardedPianoCategory D3
Honorable Mention Not AwardedPianoCategory D3